UK graduate Nick Candy shares his experience of studying in the US

Following the rise in British applications to US universities, Textbooks and Passports caught up with a Briton who completed his master degree in America.

Briton Nick Candy graduated last year from California’s Chapman University with a master in Business Administration (MBA). The course, which had an emphasis on finance, took him around 16 months to complete.

It was both a personal and academic decision for Nick, 27, to go to America. He says: “I was always aware of the quality of education in the US and that it would add to the diversity of my education. Also, London to California is not a bad transition, weather wise.”

British student Nick Candy completed a master in Business Administration in the US last year

Nick, who lived in London prior to moving to the US, found it “fairly easy” to organise his studies in America. He says the difficult part was securing accommodation, since postgraduate students are not entitled to university halls. What Nick soon realised was that “talking to the university is key”. He wrongly assumed he needed to get his UK transcripts converted and so paid for that. “It turned out I didn’t need to do it”, explains Nick.

The tuition for his master amounted to $62,000-65,000 (£38,000-£40,160), which Nick says was “one of the least expensive” in California. He received a $6,000 (3,700) scholarship from Chapman University based on his Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) – a standardised exam used by business schools.

One of the things about California that stands out for Nick is “the scale of everything, it’s an exciting place”. As for Chapman University, which is a small campus, “it was beautiful and I was filled with excitement after first visiting it”, says Nick.

When he compares the UK and US education systems, Nick admits: “The style of teaching is a bit different to the UK, they look for more participation.” He prefers the US system because “you stay focused and absorb more information”.

For Nick the best thing about studying in the US was “the change of scenery, style, people… it gives you a boost and is a great way to make a transition in life”.

Nick, who is currently working as a market research analyst for a home builder in Orange County, California, says about his future: “I foresee spending my future in the US. This is due to the lifestyle and prospects, which the UK can’t offer”.

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Vesela Gladicheva

Photo by Nick Candy


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